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Re: Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Season 5 DVD problems

I read the article.

is it the kindle out right with a back door?

Because it seems to claim that if you buy anything from Amazon and leave it in the first device that you downloaded it to, even though you are allowed to make a copy, that they monitor the position of where your edition files are sitting if there is a problem with the copyright or such.

Problem being that they accidentally sold illegal files, deleted them, explained what they had done, and then refunded the cash.

But if it's not the kindle, and you actually buy files/games with your X-box, which I'm not sure is what you do, if there is a recall, that they can intrude into your x-box and remove them for your own good if Amazon has the permissions to go into your systems to sell you stuff.

So download all media/games only to a separate device/server than where you plan to use it.

Isn't this how they make us buy drugs on the corner?

You give the money to one nine year old kid, walk around the corner and there's another nine year old kid with your nickel bag of smack waiting for you.

That way the cops get the money or the drugs but not both.
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