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Re: Episode of the Week: Hide and Q

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everyone rejecting his gifts for no real reason.
Let’s see.

It’s a theme in early TNG, especially The Naked Now, that Geordi wants to have “normal” vision instead of VISOR vision. With his VISOR he can see more than we can see with normal vision, but says “More is not better.” Is less better? Why? I never understood what motivated this, and as far as I can recall the subject was dropped after H&Q (until Insurrection, whose existence I don’t like having to acknowledge). Maybe now that he’s seen what all the fuss is about, he decides normal vision is not so much better than VISOR vision, and “the price is a little too high,” which I take as a reference to the visual abilities he would lose going from the VISOR to normal eyes. I’m not sure what he meant by “I don’t like who I’d have to thank.” Did he mean Q, or Riker?

Data is tougher to explain. In the pilot, he explicitly tells Riker he would “gladly” give up all his android abilities to be human. Here he is offered exactly that and declines. I have always considered it a weakness of TNG that it doesn’t really address the question of why Data thinks that being like us would be so much better than being like him. It’s not surprising that I don’t understand why he refuses the gift, because I don’t understand why he wants it in the first place.

Wesley seems happy with his gift at first. Then he sees the adults (okay, an adult, an android, and an alien) decline their gifts and he does the same, so maybe he just figures it’s the right thing to do because they did, or maybe he was persuaded by Data’s “to thine own self be true” speech.
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