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Re: Will the Doctor have more children

Many occasions? That's a bit unfair, in Classic who we only have:

Sarah Kingdom (I haven't seen/heard it, but acknowledge her sacrifice)


Adric's Brother (And any others of his gang that might have died), if you want to count it (He was saved from certain death, and pirated the ship, before he ended up dying after the Hijacked trip)

In NuWho we have

DoctorDonna should be considered, although Donna lived, she stayed the same selfish shrew she started as, and probably got worse, considering she became Nouveau Riche and the Donna who became DoctorDonna died, just as Tuvix did

Astrid never traveled

Jack got immortality, but, as we were told in Classic Who it becomes a curse, and he became Undead/unable to die

Rory Pond-Williams who died numerous times, but, it never stuck

Amy Pond-Williams (Amy who waited was erased, Ganger Amy and Manhattan Angels Amy), but that never stuck

Melody Pond-Williams transferred into The Library World, and from the Doctor's perspective she never traveled)

Did I miss anyone? Based Upon this list, I'm not sure I'd credit your "many" accusation with as many as 4.
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