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Re: Episode of the Week: Hide and Q

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It's certainly not the worst Q episodes
Close to it, assuming weíre limiting the discussion to TNG. Iíd put H&Q ahead of Qpid and roughly on a par True Q, behind Encounter at Farpoint, way behind Deja Q, and way, way, way, way the fuck behind Q Who?, Tapestry, and All Good Things....

The moral dilema with the child just doesn't work, because it never feels like a situation where using the power would be wrong.

If it had been someone who'd been dead for days, or thousands of people, the issue would be a lot muddier and it'd be easier for Picard to make his point about that being too much power.
Where would you draw the line?

But saving one person who has just died... that's something almost everyday for this crew. The ending of Code of Honor depended on it and Crusher will try her best to do it with Yar at the end of the season without Picard stepping forward and telling her off for her troubles.
Perhaps more to the point, Riker used the Q power to resurrect Worf and Wesley earlier in the episode. Picard says that situation was different because Worf and Wesley were put in a dangerous situation by the same entity trying to tempt Riker. It strikes me as a weak rationalization.

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Gene was no "perfect" being
Oh crap, now we're going to have Trekkies protesting at American embassies.

There is no TV but Star Trek and Roddenberry gets the Profit. If ye are in doubt, produce a franchise like it.
This isn't about earning a profit form something you created, this is about ripping off actual talent who are just trying to make an honest living. Creating a franchise and ripping someone off are two different things.
Whoosh. I was making a joke related to current events. Perhaps it isnít very funny, and it certainly isnít funny if I have to explain it, so donít worry about it.

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Riker's decision to reject Q's offer was certainly highly questionable, at least in my opinion.
Itís a decision meriting more substantive debate than we get in the episode.

The good guys lose if Riker joins the Q and the good guys win if Riker rejects the offer, but why? Whatís at stake? The Q want Riker to join them so they can better understand humanity. If that happens, why would it be a bad thing? Might it not even be a good thing for humanity?

The only clear stakes are Picardís pointless wager with Q (Picardís command vs. Q staying out of humanityís way). Why do we even need Q out of humanityís way? He put the Enterprise on trial for the crimes of humanity... and acquitted them. He interfered with the Enterprise on their way to a rescue mission... and manipulated time so they were not delayed. Heís never the cause of anything really bad except for the 18 people who die in Q Who?, and Picard recognizes that tragedy as a ďkick in the complacencyĒ that may be what the Federation needed.

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it's plainly evident that John De Lancie has much more chemistry with Patrick Stewart than he does with Jonathan Frakes.
I blame Frakes, who is not a good actor in early TNG. (He gets better as the series progresses.) His performance in this episode is particularly bad, which is unfortunate because itís Rikerís biggest role so far. I reserve most of my acting complaints for Crosby, whoís ten times worse, but Frakesís performance here is lousy.
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