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Re: hi ho Silver, The Lone Ranger rides on....

RJDemonicus wrote: View Post
Jury's still out. The trailer didn't look bad, but it didn't look great; at least it's not like the Dark Shadows trailer.

Temis the Friendly Ghost wrote: View Post
People want to see Depp doing some zany schitck, they don't want a lecture on the social perils of 19th C railroads.
Actually, I would prefer the latter, and it would make for a better Lone Ranger movie.
I was referring less to quality/intellgience of the movie than to what's going to put butts in seats. if they want to make a serious Western about the railroads, why cast Jonny Depp at all, much less give him crazy makeup and a crazier chapeau? That alone says "this is POTC in the Wild West." But the trailer doesn't say that at all.

Mixed messages might indicate a serious disconnect between the director and the marketing campaign, or perhaps a movie that's not going to deliver what Depp's fans want.

I'm no fan of the POTC movies, I stopped watching them after the first one, but they have been extremely successful and I'm certain Disney expects this movie to have a lot of the same appeal. That's why this movie has the star and the director that it has.
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