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Re: is star trek first contact best star trek movie

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But the biggest problem with First Contact is the introduction of the Borg Queen. For a race of beings that were once depicted as being made up of collective minds who didn't have a single leader I thought was unique and also horrifying. Giving them a leader who doesn't really act like a collective of minds since has to give commands to her drones just makes the Borg out to be her minions and not a collective. It also gives us something to familiarize and be comfortable with since if you kill her all the other drones will just die. Unfortunately the producers and writers of Voyager decided to latch onto the Borg Queen concept and take it to levels that ended leaving the Borg as one of the weakest villains ever to grace Star Trek.
I must disagree. If we take the Borg Collective to be as I have suggested it, none of these problems exist.

The Collective isn't made up of "collective minds" in the plural. The Collective mind is one single mind that is spread throughout a collective of physically separate drones. That one mind is the queen. And killing her doesn't make all the other drones die. The body of the Queen is just a puppet. Killing the queen's body won't kill her anymore than killing a puppet would kill the puppeteer. The reason that all the Borg died in FC was that most of them were pushed into the acid gas stuff, and once all the drones were killed there were no drones to form the Collective mind. In other words, when the first drones were killed, the remaining drones overloaded from trying to have the mind of the Queen crammed into them.

For me, the best part of First Contact is Jerry/Joel Goldsmith's music. Their work on the film is just fantastic to listen to.
I gotta agree there. The music was SUPERB.
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