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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

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Scott Summers was right.

If the Avengers had worked together with the X-Men in the first place, none of this fighting would have happened. What exactly were Scott's crime? Outside of killing the Professor, Scott only became Dark Phoenix after the Avengers attacked him for the 80th time. The Avengers railed against Scott but they were the ones who instigated this entire conflict. They were the ones who split up the Phoenix and allowed Scott access to their powers. In the end, they pretty much stole his idea about using Hope against the Phoenix.

I don't agree with Scott's Peace at Gunpoint Utopia that he created. But he brought about world peace, something the Avengers never did. As far as I'm concerned, Scott was the real hero of this story. The Avengers, especially Cap and Logan, were just part of the problem.
Yup. If Cap hadn't come to Utopia looking for a fight, if he hadn't invaded tjhe X-Men's home without a warrant or any real justification, if he hadn't taken the advice of a loon with a grudge against Cyclops, if Iron Man hadn't split up the Phoenix, none of this would have happened.

Now, after the Phoenix Force split into the Phoenix Five, all bets were off. At that point, I thought that it was OOC for the X-Men, who should've known better, to just fall in line with Cyclops they way they did. But for that matter, the whole AvX story was just a series of OOC behaviour from characters that should've known better.

It's a shame, Allyn, that you are going to skip Consequences. I feel, with Kieron Gillen (and only Kieron Gillen) providing the story, that it will be much better than the event itself. Gillen's AvX crossovers in Uncanny X-Men certainly were.

There is certainly some hipocracy here where Cyclops is involved. Wanda, Bucky, Iron Man, Daredevil, even Wolverine himself have all commited acts that should have given them prison time over the years, yet all is forgiven for them. If Jean (the adult Jean, that is) were to re-appear tomorrow, there would be a party thrown in her honor, but she did a lot worse as the Phoenix and the X-Men always defended her against the Shi'ar and such.
Excellent post. I agree.
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