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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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Didn't you catch the part in the pilot where Holmes said that while he found sex distasteful, he needed it as part of his "process," which was why the hooker was just leaving when Watson showed up? It's certainly not a love life, but it is a sex life.
No. That must have been when I was answering the phone.

But, wait! Bland, generic, safe CBS has the hero using a prositute? You must be pulling my leg. Giving Holmes a sex life is just too radical a break with tradition for the senior citizens who are the only ones who watch CBS.
And not just any prostitute, but a tattooed hussy whom (it's implied) specializes in bondage . . . .
That's not exactly groundbreaking after CSI's Grissom and Lady Heather.
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