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Re: Insurrection as an episode...

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Picard offers to have his forces stand down and recall the Enterprise only if and when Ru'afo releases him and the other prisoners he's taken.
So you side stepped my question entirely and made it more confusing by adding the condition that Picard would for some reason call off the Enterprise's attempt to contact their own government in an attempt to get them to call off the relocation.

Ru'afo didn't tell anyone about the Sona's relation to the Baku because if he had then Starfleet might have refused to assist him for exactly the same reasons that they shouldn't be assisting the Baku.
He didn't really seem to care one way or the other at that point though, so what makes you think he was going to negotiate with the people he was probably already planning to kill at that point.

Until Starfleet forces sided with the Baku it was to the Sona's advantage to keep it a secret. Plus, as you already stated, he's nuts.
And him being nuts as he is, he'll suddenly be open to negotiating why exactly?

One guy having an issue with the situation suggests that there may be others, who perhaps would need less of a bitch-slapping, especially since Picard had already swayed one of their number.
No, not really seeing as again nobody seemed to have any problem with it except the one guy and it still took the aforementioned bitch-slapping to get him to do something about it. And its not like Ru'afo needed anybody else to turn the collector on any way.

Besides this runs into the big problem of Ru'afo seemed to think he was winning what exactly does he have to gain form not killing everyone and taking the particles for himself and his minions.
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