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Re: Fantastic Four inspiration - Angry Red Planet?

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Well I feel its a matter of people seeing Johnny and Ben and thinking "fire and earth" then trying to fit Reed and Sue in as water and air.
Yeah, people like Stan Friggin' Lee, who's talked at length about the creation of the FF several times.
I haven't run across any talks by Lee where he mentions this.

Stretching doesn't quite equal water and invisibility doesn't quite equal air.
According to Stan "The Man," Reed's body was supposed to flow like water, which means in the original writer's terms stretching had nothing to do with it. And I don't know how you don't equate invisibility with air since air IS invisible, and Stan's idea was that air is able to move things invisibly, just like Susan does.
Again not in any material by Stan that I've read. Reed was pretty much a take off on Plastic Man in terms of powers. He stretches and morphs his body. Ben even calls him "Stretch". Making a lasso or a net out of your body doesn't say "water. Sue's invisible. That means she can't be seen. That was her main thing till they gave her the force field. When I think air power I think of winds like Storm generates, not a book floating in air.

And as I mentioned in an earlier post, Ben's visual was supposed to invoke a scaly reptilian surface not rocks, so even that is off.
Yes, according to Jack Kirby, but also according to Jack Kirby he never drew it in a way that looked properly reptilian, so everybody else saw it as earth (early issues) and orange rocks (later issues), including the guy writing the damn comic.
Again, not in any comments by Stan that I've read. Of course Jack was the guy providing the visuals. And if you believe some of what he said, Jack was also doing a lot of plotting as well. One example of that is the Silver Surfer, who did not appear in Stan's outline.

Or course Stan's poor memory is legendary.

Water, Air, Earth. Do you really need a detailed explanation as to why Johnny Storm isn't just "human torch 2.0?"
He's the only one the actually has elemental powers, so no.
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