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Re: Starfleet's biggest jerks?

I'm not registered over there, so here are the ones I disagree with:

Admiral Morrow: From his perspective, a high ranking officer wanted to go to a restricted planet for the purposes of helping someone who had been declared dead. It's understandable he didn't authorize it.

Admiral Nechayev: Both sides of the Hugh argument are perfectly valid. While I agree that Picard made the right call, I don't think Nechayev is a jerk just because she favored using Hugh as a weapon.

Commander Harkins: Yes, Barclay had the right idea which was evetually proven, truth is, Barclay was acting out of line throughout the episode, and as his commanding officer, Harkins had to get after him. If Harkins is a jerk, then so is every boss who has ever reprimanded an employee.
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