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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

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I don't understand why Cyclops was where he was at end?

He was possessed.

His judgement was impaired.

that was the entire point of why he tried to sweep that Winter Soldier stuff under the table... And anything that happened in any other week.

For gods sake JARVIS was once their dread nemesis the Crimson Cowl!

But everyone got over that well.
The problem is that Cyclops wasn't posessed for most of thetime, he even says as much, saying that he couldn't remember much after a point. He was in control when the Phoenix 5 took over the world, and hunted the Avengers. He probably lost control around the time him and Emma were the last two left. So, killing Xavier was out of his control, but he did a lot of bad things before being truly possessed by the Phoenix. I'd say you can't blame him for Xavier, but you can blame him for a lot of stuff that happened leading up to that, more than enough to put him in a cell.

Overall, AvX was ok, not reat but better than Dark Reign or fear itself. I do really like that the whole "mutants are an endangered species" thing is done. It was an interesting storyline for awhile, but it had pretty much run its course.
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