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Re: Insurrection as an episode...

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I don't really agree with that...Picard confronted Ru'afo directly, and he knew the situation at that point. He surely could have offered to stand down his forces at that point, but didn't offer to do so.
And how does being held in a Son'a brig leave him in any position to order them to stand down without everyone thinking he was coerced into doing so.

It seems a bit uncharitable to assume the Son'a would still have killed them at that point,
You mean the guys who have been lying to them the whole time up to that point?

So just to clarify yon believe that Ru'afo (who was shown to probably be nuts) wouldn't have ordered the Starfleet officers who weren't part of Picard's group placed in an area where the collector would kill them after murdering the Starfleet admiral present after said admiral seems to be having his people pulled out when he found out that the Son'a lying to them to drag them into his revenge scheme, if Picard had said I give up?

especially since the movie made a point of establishing that there was at least some dissension in the Son'a ranks.
One guy does not equate to a full on mutiny, everyone else didn't seem to have a problem there and the one guy only agreed to help Picard after he verbally bitch slapped him.
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