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Re: * ~Enter: DS9 Avatar Contest 170!!

^ Two rotations have passed, yet no delightful and informative images yet grace our thread. You're as bad as I am! On that note, I will be getting mine up tomorrow, don't worry. If anyone who doesn't usually participate happens to be reading, do come in and join us. It's more fun the more entries we have!

EDIT: No, I'm going to do it now, lest I forget.

Episode: Her Excellency Ambassador Taxco of Arbazan. It's a shame we never saw more of her people, a more reserved culture than many of their fellow Federation members, and apparently the antidote to the Risans...

DS9 Theme: The Dominion battlecruisers over Cardassia actually gave the impression of starships being military installations in their own right - the sense of size and power came across better when they're shown stationary over a planet than when they're whizzing about shooting coloured beams in deep space.

Random Theme: Scorpius! A villain who is truly intelligent and doesn't have to act stupid so the heroes can win, a villain who manages to be cold-hearted evil while having a believable and sympathetic motive for his obsessive ruthlessness, and a villain who actually managed to make the line "seize him!" chilling and memorable rather than ridiculous.

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