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Re: How did the Nero, his crew and ship escape Rura Penthe?

Timo wrote:
..Indeed, the closer we move things, the more understandable this becomes. If Spock stops the supernova "at the bud", within an extremely confined area of space, not only does it become more plausible that this is accomplished by a single black hole, but it follows that the destruction never reaches any of the rest of the galaxy regardless of the symmetry concerns of the situation.
None of this requires things to be moved, though. Spock stopping the supernova "at the bud" ( or close to it ) does not depend on any moving of the locations of the emergence points. Spock can still do this regardless of where the emergence points are.

Timo wrote:
Getting from Spock Prime's point of emergence to Vulcan between the timestorm of 22 hours and the "soon thereafter" when Starfleet got a distress call from Vulcan is not gonna happen if Spock Prime's point of emergence is farther from Vulcan than Earth is.
For one thing, some have theorized that the report was faked by Nero himself. That aside, why should we assume that Spock's emergence point is farther from Vulcan than Earth is?

Timo wrote:
So we either have to accept Klingon space as being closer to Vulcan than Earth is, or Klingons being in Romulan or Federation space.
There's a problem here: you're collapsing the timeframe far too much. The Klingon incident is first mentioned during the night preceding a day which included both the Kobayashi Maru and Kirk's hearing. During Kirk's hearing we are notified of the Vulcan distress call. By your argument, most of this span of time cannot exist. If we take this duration into account there is sufficient time for Nero to go wherever he needs to be.

Timo wrote:
Plus it establishes our heroes using extremely long range transporters, which Kirk already had bad experiences about.
Bad experiences? You mean when he and Scotty ended up in Engineering and Scotty ended up in a water tank? They still made it onto the ship. We see similar results when Kirk and Spock beam onto the Narada, but apparently not the part Scotty intended. It's another application of transwarp beaming.
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