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Re: TNG HD coming to Syfy (UK)

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I only have Freesat anyway, but I'm curious to know if they'll be cropping the picture to 16:9. Does it look that way from the ads?
My first thought too, since TOS-R only airs in the UK as a 16:9 crop.

If they haven't done a crop at-source though, probably not - do HD channels crop and resize HD material like that? It would defeat the purpose of it even more than the usual treatment of such cropping - and lots of early-2000s shows are currently shown double-cropped/resized on various channels (they cropped the widescreen material to 14:9 in a 4:3 frame on their masters when they broadcast in 4:3. And now they just use those masters, resized again).

[Also, Sky providing no way of watching 4:3 material *in* 4:3, rather than stretched to 16:9, via HDMI is a sore spot. You have to drop down to SCART to be able to watch it in its proper aspect ratio.]
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