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Re: Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Season 5 DVD problems


And you paid Hasbro permission to use your your Avatar?

I kid.

licensing laws are so ridiculous.

They start of with realistic expectations and then just keep on trucking into crazy town.

You don't buy dvds.

You agree to buy restrained rights confined to the medium you purchased and sometimes temporary digital rights that can be lifted after a temporal duration or a finite number of plays.

You don't own your dvds.

It's quasi-illegal to sell you dvds to a second hand store.

Which begs the question if you are bound to the same laws as a first sale customer if you're already a criminal?

I looked up what I suggest, how you get new media from your nephew which he already has in his library, and this is what I found, If you copy your playlist from itunes and give it to a friend, gift it, not sell it, you can be fined and go to jail.

But seriously hat if temporal Flux is right?

What if they are never going to finish the season as dvd releases?

I said it before.

Consistent formats are important to our bookshelves.

The poor bastards that bought the the first season of Enterprise on VHS only to be standing at ground zero as the bottom fell out of the market when dvd's ran amok claiming to be the be all and end all.

You re right.

You have the moral high ground.


How long till this shit enters the public domain?

A hundred years after all the actual creators die?

Or is it a hundred hears after Disney is sacked by post apocalyptic road warriors?

Besides, the only reason the Hollywood was built on the less civilized side of America was to get away from Thomas Edison's lawyers who wanted upfront royalties on the use of every kineograph screening to play motion picture that run, who couldn't be bothered with spending 4 months on a train to sort out the picture houses.
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