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Re: Disappointing DVD releases

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I am becoming more and more disappointed with DVD releases in general. There's too much "tier-ing" going on. Used to be the basic DVD came with a good range of extras. Now we're lucky to get a Director's Commentary track. To get some decent extras, you have to buy the "deluxe" version. Then there's Blu Ray on top of that, with even MORE exclusive content.

They were making plenty of money off of full-featured DVDs so all this regular/deluxe/Blu Ray rationing of extras is nothing more than a scumbag attempt at upselling and price gouging.
What's worse is in the UK where the censored versions of stuff cut for a lower rating are released on DVD, and the uncut version (whether at a higher rating or even the same!) is only out on Blu-ray.

C.f. The Hangover, The A Team, Temple of Doom, The Angels Share, Woman In Black, etc etc...
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