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Re: Religion & DS9

My problem with it was, if they left it with a war between two nonlinear beings with different ideologies, it would have been ok.

To me, the whole 'penance' for helping Sisko was fascinating, and the Pah Wraith battle on DS9 was fascinating.

But then they added Dukat being the Bajoran antichrist vs Sisko the Bajoran messiah, and it became like a comic book of sorts.

They added the Good vs Evil- Blue vs Red concept to it, and turned it into a super religious analogy, Bajoran Style.

Ancient scrolls with weird writing that catch on fire, weird chants, ancient fire caves, OMG, too much

I always wondered why it is believed Sisko was half prophet, when the story says the Prophet only possessed his mother so she could give birth to Sisko.

All that did was ensure a human male would be born, not that he would have qualities of a Prophet.
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