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Re: Insurrection as an episode...

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In the real world I am no isolationist, there is international law that regulates when the sovereignty of a nation can be violated. Withholding medical assets is not a trigger, otherwise you could invade any country that has pharmaceutical companies.
Trek is what you call isolationist, the Federation has no right to mess with other cultures in any case. Not when there is are devastating wars and certainly not because they withhold a medical asset.

So your position is violating law in the Trekverse as well as in the real world. To pretend that you are actually doing something ethical while ravaging and raping people is a bad joke at best.

again, you're dealing only in abstracts rather than the concrete facts of the situation presented in INS. I understand why you frame the argument in that manner, because then you don't have to address the absurdities of the ACTUAL "dilemma," you just talk in abstracts like Picard did.

By the way, what is your response to my point on the PD and the Baku? If it's violating the law to intefere with them, why isn't Picard violating it by taking sides in a "blood feud?"

Why doesn't Dougherty just take Ru'afo aside when he learns the truth and say "hey buddy, we're going to pull out, do what you have to with the Baku, just don't kill them, and then you can trade the particles you harvested from the planet with us later, ok?"

I don't see how the PD allows Picard to do what he did in helping the Baku. But the best part is, it's only an issue to YOUR side, not mine, because I don't think the PD even applies, and even if it did, the PD is stupid to me anyway and it would make no difference.

Ball's in your court.(Or on your side of the football field. Whichever)
You're forgetting that the blood feud between the two isn't revealed until the end of the movie. By this point Picard is a prisoner of the Son'a. The information is then given to Dougherty who agrees to pull out of the situation (which gets him stretched to death by Ru'afo). This all happens in about the last fifteen minutes of the film.
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