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Re: Star Trek: TNG - Hive already has continuity flaw

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^No. TV trek NEVER contradicts its future by showing 2 different versions of the same future century. There's only 1 instance of the 29th century. 1 instance of the 31 century. 1 instance of the 26th century and so on. Source: Memory Alpha

So anytime someone comes back from the future, it has to be a time we've never seen or heard of. And if they do come back from one of the as seen futures, it must be the same as depicted before (see Voyager's "Relativity" and "Future's End"). Those futures only change because of the altered events happening in the present.
From "Future's End" ...

BRAXTON [on viewscreen]: Do you know me?

CHAKOTAY: Yes, unfortunately.

JANEWAY: You tried to destroy our ship in the
twenty-fourth century and the next time we saw
you, you were an old man, homeless, in 1996.

BRAXTON [on viewscreen]: I never experienced that

Two different versions of the 29th century in the same episode
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