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Re: Best Audio Book?

Well I've caught up with all the 6th Doctor adventures I have, and have started in on the 8th Doctor stories.
I have to admit I skipped over the whole alternate universe Eight adventures. To be honest, that sort of messing with the universe just doesn't appeal to me. I really just like old fashioned type adventures if that makes any sense. So when they writers try to twist the characters, or get experimental I usually tune out. I just skipped out halfway through Terror Firma for just that reason. The way the story jumped from one scne to another just got annoying. So I guess its on to the next one.

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Eh, not like it's always easy for someone else to find the thread, it's kind of old, and drifts off the first page, and at the time I started the thread, I wasn't familiar with the Concept of Audio Plays versus Audio Books, so, it's not even titled well for a friendly search The suggestions have guided me to some incredible listening though. I do really like McGann, and I like what I've heard of C. Baker.
Yeah, the thread title is what got me. When I think Audio Book, I think of a recording of someone reading an actual book. And to be honest, having read a fair number of old Target books, and one New Adventures title, I've never been a fan of DW fiction.
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