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Re: Episode of the Week: Hide and Q

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"Hide and Q" is passable, but the moral dilemma is ineptly handled, and it's plainly evident that John De Lancie has much more chemistry with Patrick Stewart than he does with Jonathan Frakes.

The original series already explored this premise more than once, anyways ("Where No Man Has Gone Before" and "Charlie X"), and with much sharper writing in both those cases.
Ineptly handled is too much praise for just how banally Riker's God powers were handled. And yes, one of the problems was that the episode was struggling just to be better than Plato's Stepchildren, while not even in the ballpark with the other TOS episodes you mentioned. Yet another TNG 1st-seasoner that gave me white knuckles, making me worry that the show wouldn't survive to see a second season.
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