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Don't interrupt him. He's in the middle of some calibrations.

Anyway, I'm in the small percentage that actually liked the original ending. While it certainly wasn't the spectacular conclusion I was hoping for, it was far from the abomination that many fans claim it to be. I didn't think the new ending added all that much, at least it didn't change my original opinion at all...and I think a bit less of Bioware now, that they caved and didn't stand by their original ending, in part because I thought it was unnecessary.

Why I liked it, the game moved me. By the time it was done, my Sheppard was a wreck, as was I, so I wasn't expecting it to end well...and it didn't. I have this wierd thing were I'll acept that everything is not resovled, if the ending is emotional in some way. So I feel the same way about ME:3 as I do about the conclusions of Lost and BSG. I still have questions about all three, but I don't care. All three endings effected me emotionally on some level...and that was enough.

I picked Synthesis...which granted is changing things for the entire galaxy and maybe that's too big a choice for one person to make, but everything that happened in all three games put me in that position to be the one to make that choice. There wasn't a Krogan up there, or a Salarian, or a Turaian. It was a Sheppard, so I made what appeared to be the best decision I had available, because it was mine to make.

My Sheppard died stopping the Reapers, along with many of my crew and each death effected me as I played, at least in this third game. To me, that was more important than having every questioned answered, or having more dialog choices in the final scene...or even getting annoyed at boiling down the entire game to three color coded choices. My experience was a sum of the entire journey, not a few minutes at the end.

I did miss the Mako though and would have liked to have seen at least one ground mission feature its return, perhaps even when you return to Earth. That Hover tank thing, just wasn't the same.
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