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Re: Insurrection as an episode...

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Sorry but I do not play your game. What Picard does is a reaction to a Federation action.
We are still debating the action, whether the imperialist behaviour of the Federation constitutes a crime or not. And I am getting tired of your stupid accusations of dogmatism or being too abstract just because I point out that kidnapping, stealing (and ultimately murdering) people from another nation is utterly criminal under the Federation rules and any real world law or rule of peacefully living together.

As you value concreteness so deeply, feel free to point out just one example from history where what you advocate, relocating the citizens of another nations and stealing from them, has lead to a good result.

indeed, what Picard did is a reaction to UFP actions. But once he realized that it was a "blood feud" and that the Son'a had a legitimate claim to the planet, if he were being consistent and not the colossal hypocrite that he was being, he'd have said "well, this is no longer an issue of forced relocation, it's now a civil war."

And civil wars fall under the PD, as we see in "redemption." So again, the Baku would lose if Picard were being written consistently.

If horatio83 won't take it, somebody else want to field that? How is Picard NOT violating the PD once he discovers the truth about the Baku and Son'a?

As to your question, there are many examples throughout history of relocations and resettlements of large groups of people. National boundaries aren't written in the sky. They're created by militaries, politicians, and people. I guess "good result" depends on one's point of view or what you mean.
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