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Re: Will the Doctor have more children

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How do you know that? For all we know after the cameras went off, they may have "Swung from the Chandaliers". In this last episode, they definitely were acting married, and fully acknowledging the marriage

Considering his lifestyle, it wouldn't surprise me if he had no interest in producing a child(ren), but, we don't know that to be a fact
Uhm, because until we get some kind of evidence, that's patently not the case.

Otherwise, he's likely also a serial killer who enjoys slashing the throats of children when he's not on screen. After all, there's no evidence that he's not out doing it as we speak, no?
There's no evidence to lead you to believe he is a Serial Killer who enjoys slitting children's throats. but, there is evidence that he does consider himself married and is happy with River being his wife.
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