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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

149. Some Like It Hot (A)
150. The Joneses (C+)
151. The House I Live In (B+)

Some Like It Hot: Even funnier with an audience, I can only think of a single thing I don't like about this movie (George Raft, one of my least favorite actors ever), but even he can't bring this down. Marilyn Monroe may have been dumber than a box of rocks, but she's impossible to take your eyes off of on screen. Lemmon and Curtis are awfully good, too.

The Joneses: Nearly every review I read suggested this film took an interesting premise (a family moves into town, but it turns out they're just employees of a "stealth marketing" company getting the community to buy stuff) and then wasted it in the second half. I didn't really see that. Rather, this struck me as an aggressively middlebrow, meat and potatoes kind of movie through and through. The climax was melodramatic, surely, but nearly every other scene was, too. Duchovny and Moore made the most of the material, as did the supporting cast, including a nice turn from Gary Cole. A worthwhile rental.

The House I Live In: Eugene Jarecki's latest documentary, which tackles the war on drugs, doesn't contain a lot of information that will be new to people who have payed close attention to these policy issues, but what it does do is distill the important information into two hour form extremely well. It doesn't break much stylistic ground, but it's a well-made, compelling documentary with a large scope. The Holocaust-in-slow-motion argument that it ultimately makes might be offensive to some people, but to anyone who actually listens to the it, it shouldn't be.

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