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Re: Should Star Trek Come Back to TV? article

The Star Wars live action show is hitting the same budgetary obstacle as a Star Trek one would. The two biggest problems for space opera on TV in general is how to get the budget down to doable levels and where to reach space opera fans nowadays since SyFy is more interested in doing cop shows with genre elements and ghost hunting reality malarky.

TCW can reach kids and animation fans on The Cartoon Network, and some (definitely not all) of the fans will find the show there as well, which bundles together a large enough audience to allow the show to be a comfortable success. So a Star Trek show needs to have some "audience bundling" approach like that. No all Star Trek fans will accept it, regardless of what it is, and not all will be motivated to find it.

One route is to make it anmated, put it on The Cartoon Network and follow the same path as TCW, but there are other, more difficult approaches, such as building the worldwide Star Trek fandom in Netflix via reruns of the old series and then launching a live action show via Netflix (how to make it cheap enough is still an open question) or taking advantage of the larger budgets possible in premium cable - you could do a great Star Trek series with Game of Throne's budget - but that series must be adapted to appeal to the premium cable audience.

Editing my above post, I mean "she," I didn't notice that the article was written by "Kayla."
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