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Re: If the Daleks then why not the Time Lords?

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I just read RTD's "The Writer's Tale" and he says he made the right decision to off the Time Lords because they don't work in the story and rob all the drama since there's an all powerful race of good guys lurking in the wings, and they were stuffy ponces anyway.
They're definitely more interesting in their absence, but all of the Doctor's whining about being the last of them, and missing his people and all that ... it really fell flat for me, because it was as though the Doctor had completely forgotten that his people were raging assholes.

As for the Daleks, I'm just glad that they're finally un-fucked and are re-established as Being Out There, Doing Bad Things, so now new stories don't have to go through the hoops of the Daleks showing up, someone crying "oh, no, some Daleks survived the Time War, what will we doooooooo" as a result of another ship falling through time or hiding behind the moon or behind the sofa or what have you, which means the stories don't have to waste time with some increasingly masturbatory explanation of why these Daleks survived.
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