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Re: Should Star Trek Come Back to TV? article

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like it or not, an animated series is the most likely option.
I'd probably still watch it, but I'd be way more interested in live action. I like Star Wars quite a bit, but have never really felt motivated to watch the Clone Wars at all. I'd imagine that a good deal of fans who aren't hardcore might feel the same way about Star Trek.

What I've really been waiting for is the live action Star Wars show. I think that it seems to be forever put off, but if they can revolutionize live action sci-fi TV production, that could bode well for Trek. Especially so if the series was actually good or had good ratings. And we all know that if Star Wars excelled at something that Star Trek would be right there to try and copy it. I don't think a live action show will happen until then.

A series might not even happen until the 50th anniversary. That would be good timing. Perhaps a probable 3rd (and maybe last) Abrams movie in May of 2016, and then a series that starts in September.
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