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Re: 7X05 The Angels Take Manhattan (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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You don't see it but I think most people do. There's something of the night about this Doctor.
There's "something of the night" in every Doctor. Four had his deadly serious moments, too, so did Three and One was officious and dour for most of his run.

I'm only reacting like this because it feels to me like people have too easily forgotten that there were eight other Doctors before the crop we're discussing, and the newbies are all light-years behind a couple of the old guard in terms of sheer awesomeness. In my eyes, that makes the debate about whether Nine, Ten or Eleven is better or more mature or what have you pointless. None of them will ever match up to Four. None of them will ever match up to Three.

(deep breath) Rant over. Back to the sub-topic.

There's been a Regression of maturity. Nine was most mature, but with a frat boy streak. Ten's maturity came with screeching and whining. And a man-child with ADHD. It's just blatant.
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