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Re: Should Star Trek Come Back to TV? article

Good article. The key question is whether and how the Abrams movie fans can be used as a core audience to build a new series around. And he's right that, like it or not, an animated series is the most likely option.

Maybe that can still be a path to a live-action TV series. There won't be huge audience expectations so if an animated series does attract, say, a few million fans, that would be impressive and keep it going. Then you've got the fans corralled in one place, both old fans and new, and can eventually market a live action show to them.

The important thing is to keep the awareness generatd by Abrams' movies from dissapating. Casual fans are reminded of Star Trek once every few years, but once the movies are over, awareness will sink once again. A new show must be launched whle the movies are still generating millions of dollars worth of publicity. The biggest threat to the franchise is not oversaturation but the opposite.

But is Paramount really the one making $$ off the T-shirts? I thought that was CBS.

The business angle is tricky but creatively, there's no issue. There are plenty of stories for Star Trek to tell, it's a whole galaxy and a few centuries as your canvas! The Clone Wars has demonstrated that an animated series could be made primarily for kids but still appeal to adults. It's also possible they'd flip that around and air it late at night, with primarily an adult appeal.

An animated series would also make an anthology format more do-able since the same small group of voice actors could play many roles. i like this really expansive vision here:

Go forward thousands of years past Kirk and Spock, do an anthology show with different ships and crews on different missions, do a Starfleet Academy show, do a Starfleet Black Ops show… There’s lots of “space” to play in.
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