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Re: Would the Neutral Zone have better without the 20th century charac

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^ Horatio83, you just blew yourself out of the water. It is now apparent that you have not even a rudimentary understanding of financial matters.
Says the guy who thinks that companies last for centuries.
The last company I worked for was started in 1858 and shows no signs of dissolving any time soon.
This is Star Trek, huh? We have a situation with the Romulans that might lead to all out war, we have an unknown threat that is more powerful than either the Federation and the Romulans, but the one thing we can't seem to get unstuck on is 20th century business longevities? Why should we care? It's a pointless story element that doesn't go anywhere and only distracts from the story that should have been the main central point, dealing with the Romulans.

It's fitting that such an interesting idea for Star Trek is completely undermined by it's own writer, and what a fitting way to leave a show than with Shades of Gray.
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