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Skin of Evil

I got around to this episode on the Blu-Ray set and it had been a few years. I have to say, I always enjoyed it but I think this one gets better with age. The shear senselessness of Tasha's death makes the impact that much stronger, and I think the actors, particularly Marina, Gates, and Patrick, do an excellent job in this episode.

The span of time from when Tasha goes down to the emergency beam up to the ER scene is really powerful, and I love the use of the handheld camera in 1988 when ER would popularize it years later for those type of scenes. The music was top notch too. The only thing that hurts that scene is the ridiculous looking splotch on Tasha's cheek.

The funeral scene was corny at some points (she seemed to really stretch for some things to say about some of the crew (i.e., Beverly)), but the slow zoom-in as she talks about Picard as you see his eyes begin to water was great, as was, of course, the very last bit when he and Data talk about "missing the point."

"No Data, you got it."

Good stuff.
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