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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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Ah, I get it! You're pulling my leg!Surely if such a thing had happened people would have discussed this instead of babbling about bland and safe! It would have been a big deal.
Or perhaps it was such a tiny part of the episode, tossed in in an attempt to be "edgey" it wasn't of much consequence. Perhaps it was a big deal for network, but in this era of cable it came off as more cute than anything.

It would've been a big deal, and more interesting if Watson walked in in the middle of it.

And, honestly, it's not all that unusual for detective shows. TV cops and detectives have been consorting with hookers and exotic dancers since at least Barney Miller. And let's not forget Grissom's dominatrix soulmate on CSI . . . . .

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