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Re: Happy Unity Day!

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So what did you do in 1989?

I was a very little kid and the fall of the Berlin Wall was the first news I actually followed because my parents were so interested in it (Well, doh... who wasn't?).

I didn't really understand most of it obviously but somehow I did get that the world had changed.
I was 11 when the Wall fell, and I distinctly remember the event. I was old enough to have absorbed the Cold War mentality, and the Iron Curtain running through Europe seemed the natural state of the world. So it was shocking, and weird, and exhilarating. I went to sleep that night without knowing what kind of world I would wake up in the morning. I don't think I've ever felt like that again in my life.

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When I visited Berlin for the first time years later most of the architectural scars had healed but if you go looking you can still see the traces and I think Berlin is one of the most interesting cities in the world when it comes to contemporary history.
This is one of the reason I really want to visit Berlin some day. Funny how I keep saying that. I guess I should really do that instead of talking about it.

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And please continue to let Italy beat you at football.
Yep. I'm our main source of pleasure.
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