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Re: TP: Brinkmanship by Una McCormack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

^If she did, I certainly missed it.

Deranged Nasat wrote: View Post
We’re given more than one angle on it thanks to the comparison/contrast with Dax, who also exhibits a blend of youth and settled wisdom, only far more functional....

As for Dax herself, while her friendly relationship with Alden was a little underdeveloped for my tastes, it did give us the “I am Dax” speech, which I agree was a great moment. No lengthy fretting over something she must have long ago become fully comfortable with, but acknowledging her journey and the conclusions she had to reach over the course of it. Nicely played. Between her non-relationship with Bashir in the earlier Typhon Pact books and that scene here, I feel like Captain Ezri Dax has finally finished establishing herself as a character distinct enough from Still Not Really Sure Who I Am Ezri Dax of old. Nice too that the answer to her queries on identity is now firmly “I am Dax” - but this isn't her surrendering to the symbiont or subsuming herself to previous identities, but full acceptance of her status as a worthy host. It’s Ezri saying “I am Dax”, not Dax saying it, if that makes sense. And that’s pleasing. I liked too that Dax and Bowers were written as trusting friends within the limits imposed by their professional relationship. They’ve known each other for 7 years, and been Captain and First Officer on the Aventine for almost 3. They should be at ease with each other by now.
Agreed, my friend! However...I must also add, despite Ezri at last appearing to achieve "equilibrium" in this book--still, her personality is still Ezri. That is, everything we liked about her in the series is on full display, here--blended seamlessly with her clear command capability.

Her lack of "sureness" of who she was in the series has been supplanted nicely with a self-awareness that makes her think about the right things, and "just do" about the right things. In previous Destiny/Pact books, we sometimes saw her leaping before she looked--sometimes mission-wise (i.e. her setting course for Earth before being stopped by Picard), sometimes personally (i.e. her clash with Bashir).

Here, we see her...well, almost afraid to make that kind of mistake. And anyone can sympathize--as she is forced to tread a fine line between diplomacy and security. She is no appeaser--again, she has the same suspicions Alden does, and brings them to Picard and Akaar--but she does not want to ignite, either.

As for her not submitting to previous hosts--that is a very important level of growth for her. For much of the relaunch--and indeed, at times in Destiny or the Typhon books--she seems to be falling prey to some Jadzia nostalgia--or worse, Curzon. We see none of that, here. (Unless the colorful metaphors are from those two?)
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