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Right folks, I just picked up a copy of ME3 today, having completed ME2 last night (I read up on how to save everyone on the suicide mission - I know, I know, but I want the maximum character appearances when I import my save file).

TBH, I found ME2 to be quite lacking where gameplay is concerned. The combat system was too simple, and prone to AI stupidity (the amount of times I ended up shooting my squad because they moved directly in front of me!). I felt most of the side missions were taking a leaf out of STO's book, and I disliked the fact that you could just upgrade everything without their being any trade-off (such as only being able to take one particular upgrade over another or having penalties along with buffs).

However, the ME story is excellent. It's an addictive universe with a stellar voice cast. If only XBOX was designed to run discs with greater storage (asides from HD DVD, which went to hell when Blu-Ray blew them out of the market), then my ME experience would be ideal!
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