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Re: Will the Doctor have more children

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He's been married before. A few times. They didn't really change him that much. River is something new for him. After traveling with his in-laws, maybe he does want kids. Who knows?

Still wanting to see Susan again for the 50th.
Yup, and it'd be nice for him to run into Jenny again too, even if she's played by a different actress. It kinda feels unfinished, the way they had her regenerate at the end of The Doctor's Daughter and then never revisted her story.
Moff's got something planned with her. And we know he sprinkles things in years ahead of when he'll use them. She'll be back. Otherwise, why let her live? And why tell us that her fate was changed?
Yea, that was my hope

Love your Halloween Costume btw
One Day I hope to be the Man my Cat thinks I am

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