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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

73. Halloween H2O: A
74. Halloween Resurrection: C+
75. The Day the Earth Stood Still(2008): B
76. Looper: A-
77. Smart People: C-

This 2008 indie film with Dennis Quaid, Sarah Jessica Parker, Thomas Hayden Church and Ellen Page seems to have a cast that would deliver a good movie. Given any other script and director they likely would have. I give it the low C grade cause I did find their performances good. With exception to THC who's playing the low brow brother and not a "smart person" the rest of the cast are displayed as being socially awkward and outcast due to their own intelligence. Some of the may be their own self perception, some cast onto them by others but the film takes us down a path where they seemingly choose to not be so socially inept. I could probably elaborate more on each character but most of it's a variation on that theme. Has anyone else seen this? Had a different take on it.
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