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Re: Insurrection as an episode...

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I agree that taking the Baku off the planet by force is morally questionable. That said, the Baku monopolizing the planet also strikes me as morally questionable.
Of course this assumes the Ba'ku are monopolizing the planet.

There's apparently a lot of information that we don't have about the situation. Including who actually authorized the operation and whether they had any legitimate (if not moral) authority to do so.
Well seeing as how fast the council backtracked on the relocation plan and the fact that Dougherty feared this possibility enough to let the Son'a attack the federation flagship with the possible intent to destroy it.

I still think it would have been amusing on one level if Our Heroes had made their case only for the Council to say, "We knew what Dougherty was doing...why are you screwing with this?"
But they didn't so it looks like Dougherty may not have had much of a leg to stand on.
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