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Re: Insurrection as an episode...

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Ah, another appeal to majority. Seems you really need such crutches to defend a position which is simply wrong. I don't care how many people view imperialism as something good, they are wrong.
And more of the "I am flexible and you are rigid" nonsense. If not wanting to kidnap, rob, relocate and (let's not beat around the bush, we all know what follows after relocation) murder other people makes me rigid and dogmatic I am gladly a dogmatic defender of common sense and decency.

Enough polemics, now back to the actual arguments.

In my last post I made very clear that I am quite sympathetic to centralized progressive rule. I have no problems with a government that forces its OWN people to do something which goes against their narrow interests but serves the general good. I want to live among citoyens and not among bourgeois.

Property rights are not the issue and I am anything but a conservative. Nice attempt to deflect from the core of the issue though, that you want one nation / political entity to force ANOTHER ONE to do its bidding. You simply ignore the fact that we are dealing with TWO nations and pretend that the well-being of one is more important than the well-being of the other simply because it is more populous. As a fellow leftist you should know better from history what such an attitude implies.

I wasn't appealing to the majority, I was pointing out that you are incorrect about there not being a dilemma. And I don't know why you draw such an arbitrary line between different nations or governments. Are you an isolationist? What difference from an ETHICAL perspective does it make if the Baku are UFP citizens or not? It makes a difference politically, but ethics don't change based on borders.

Also, the Baku aren't much of a nation. They are a tiny group of pacifists who, if left on their own and undefended by the UFP or outside group, would be conquered/removed fairly quickly. And as I like to point out in this debate, if you think it's a PD issue, then Picard STILL shouldn't be defending the Baku, he should let them fight it out with the Son'a.

And of course the Baku would lose. Either way, they lose.
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