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Re: officers are called 'sir'

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Lovely anti-intellectualism.
As opposed to what? Your intellectual elitism?

Screw the philosopher, hail the soldier.
You ever read Hamlet? Probably not but if you actually have you might have realized that there are two guys left in the ending, the soldier AND the intellectual.
I'm well aware of that. The only "intellectuals" I'm decrying are those who don't realize that their world of the mind does, indeed must stand on the shoulders of the "down to earth" world that does all the drudge work (including defense) that makes their ivory tower existence possible.

About your jingoist remarks concerning the great USA having protected ungrateful Euroscum from the grips of Stalin,
Never mind Stalin...he wasn't the first thing Europe had to be protected from in the 20th century...that would be a little nation that just couldn't manage not to make a mess of everybody else's nations not once, but twice...a little nation called Germany. Maybe you've heard of it?

no American soldier died in the process. Nuclear weapon did the job.
They were still willing to die for you. By your own words, you wouldn't be willing to do the same for them.

So who is the better man?

Talking about anti-intellectualism, only pathetic creatures who have not achieved anything in their life and nothing to be proud of feel pride concerning the achievements of others, the anonymous social as such, the nation or however you wanna call it.
I admire and abhor many people but pride and shame are personal feelings.
Without those nations and nationalists, you would not have the freedom to sit there and insult their honor and their sacrifices.

You can't escape that fact.
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