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Re: Happy Unity Day!

I was also still a child when the wall came down but due to my personal history it meant a lot to me and still does. Unfortunately, I slept through it because my father didn't wake me. However, I see it as the best thing that happened in my lifetime so far. I believe that the peaceful revolution of 1989 was the best thing us Germans did in recent history. To quote our current president, we should do that more often.

As for today, I just saw some snippets from this year's official celebration which takes place in Munich and there were tons of people in traditional costumes. Ah, Bavaria. It will affirm all the stereotypes people have about us.
As usual, I won't do anything special (somehow, I never get around to it) but I'm looking forward to watching Der Turm later on. I wanted to read the book for a while, anyway.
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