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Re: officers are called 'sir'

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I can understand that you are not a jingoist as there is nothing much to be proud of in the old BRD.
As a fellow landsmann I feel your pain.
You can only be proud of personal achievements, not of the state of an entity that consists of millions of people. Only nationalists feel pride or pain concerning a nation (hence the term nationalist).
There's nothing wrong with feeling pride about your nation when you are a citizen of a great nation, such as most Western nations and many Eastern ones. Conversely, if you are a member of a bad nation you SHOULD feel shame at the fact.

Oh, and horatio, the only reason keyboard philosophers (You know the type...) are able to sit and badmouth great nations and the militaries that protect them (and sometimes entire ungrateful foreign nations) is because better men (and women) than they were willing to offer their time, effort, and even lives if necessary in their defense.
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