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Re: Defiant - where is the airlock at the front?

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Well, I always felt two takes on the Star Trek universe is better than one..

Why do the ds9 pylons curve inwards? Even for multiple small ship docking the manouvering woiuld be more hazardous than if they curved outwards. It's just aesthetics.
Or then it's the same thing as with harbors today. It's easier for ships to moor on the "outsides" of piers and jetties, from the maneuvering an congestion points of view, but it's safer and more practical for them to moor on the insides, away from the waves and winds and perhaps even separated from the tides by a series of locks and gates.

DS9 supposedly does feature a spherical forcefield protecting it from outside attacks. Ships docking at the tips of inward-turned pylons would enjoy the protection of that field, while ships docking on the outside would not.

Ok i tink that is a good explanation although we've seen sields expand furter in te past.
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