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Re: Why Enterprise and not Yorktown?

^But my point was that I wasn't just making guesses. I was explaining the larger context that could give insight into the question. Because this is a bigger question than just one name change. The ship's name wasn't the only thing that was changed between the original series pitch and subsequent documents and productions. So the real question here is about how the early stages of the creative process work, and that's something that needs to be delved into in order to gain a real understanding of the matter.

Sometimes a single fact in isolation isn't enough. Facts are of limited use without an understanding of the reasons underlying them, the context they fit into. Often, the better answer to a question about a phenomenon is to explain the broader theory (in the scientific sense) that explains how the phenomenon works, rather than just offering a single isolated data point without context or background. It's kind of like the "give a man a fish" vs. "teach a man to fish" thing. Teaching him to fish, giving him the "theory" of fishing so he understands the whole process and can apply that knowledge himself, is a better "answer" than just giving him an isolated result of that process.
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