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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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But who would have watched the animated series?
For the third time... I never said that most or all of the target audience would be familiar with the animated series. I said that of those who had any prior familiarity at all, which would of course be the minority of the target audience, they'd be more likely to know her from JL/U than from the '70s series.

They might not have seen the 70s show (far before most of them) and most of them don't watch superhero animated shows so you would need to introduce her if she has any vital role to play other than eye candy.
Yes, obviously, and I'm saying that we know it's possible to do so quickly and efficiently because JL: "Secret Origins" managed to do so. I wasn't saying that the moviegoers would've already seen "Secret Origins" -- I was using it as precedent, an example to demonstrate that Wonder Woman's backstory can be quickly introduced to the uninitiated in the context of a JL movie, that it could be done without requiring 20 minutes of setup.

This is what i feel will distract from the movie itself.. all those origin stories need to be included apart from Superman and Batman who have really been done to death and have entered the public mind so if they don't want to do a Superman/Batman team up movies with some other characters thrown in like an afterthought they need to slow it down a bit and maybe follow the Marvel approach a bit better.
I don't agree that origin stories need to be included. They're necessary in the kind of movie world where there's only one superhero, an anomaly whose presence needs to be justified. But if a story is set in a world that explicitly has many superheroes, you don't need an explanation for where every one of them came from. The Incredibles didn't give us an origin story for any of its adult characters, except Syndrome. Mystery Men introduced a whole team of also-ran heroes and one major hero, and didn't give them origins. It's possible to just establish a superhero universe "already in progress," just treat it as a given that heroes exist and have powers due to a variety of mechanisms, and focus the story on who they are now rather than where they came from.

By analogy, cop movies don't require explaining to us why each police officer chose to join the force and how they trained for their job. Spy movies don't need to show us the reasons why their protagonists became spies. Space operas don't generally explain why their starship crews chose to go into space. In a genre where a particular role or profession is just a normative part of the world, then it isn't necessary to go into depth about the reasons behind every character's entry into that role.
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