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Re: Orci remark: "Into Darkness" trailer by Christmas?

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If they were smart they should present the trailer with the new 50th annivesary James Bond film coming out in November.
Abrams' first Star Trek movie had its first trailer attached to the Bond film Quantum of Solace, which was released in the U.S. on November 14, 2008.

The timing of both this new Star Trek film and the release of the next Bond film (Skyfall) is very similar this time around as it was then, so I think there is a good chance history will repeat itself, and Star Trek Into Darkness will have a trailer with Skyfall in November.

One difference is that by this time in 2008, we already had the TEASER trailer, and the Star Trek trailer attached to Quantum of Solace was the actual theatrical trailer, with actual scenes from the film.

This time around, we have not yet seen a "Teaser". I'm not sure if this first trailer we see this time will be an actual theatrical trailer, or instead the more general "teaser" type.
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