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Just read through the patch notes. Most of it's multiplayer stuff I don't give a shit about, however...
- Fixed an issue with Ken/Gabby and Tali/Garrus ambient dialogues not triggering in Normandy engineering
I thought the revamped ending DLC was supposed to include that fix. Did it not actually work, or will this fix it without requiring the DLC to be installed?
Yeah, that's what I thought too. I definitely noticed while playing through Leviathan that the Garrus/Tali flirty dialogue now triggers when you visit engineering. I'll assume that was something they fixed in the EC, because including a fix like that in a paid DLC would be seriously out of order.

Just reading though the notes now and this rather caught my attention: -
- Singularity power re-designed:
  • Singularity no longer has a maximum number of charges and will only be destroyed when the time runs out
  • Performing a biotic combo on someone floating in the singularity no longer ends the singularity
  • Base cooldown changed to 8 seconds
  • Base duration of the singularity changed to 8 seconds
  • Base power now does 100 points of damage per second to all targets that are in range, even if not floating in the singularity
  • Base power sets up biotic combos on everyone that comes into range (only 1 combo added per enemy per cast of singularity)
  • Rank 3 changed to a damage over time bonus (used to be a radius and duration bonus)
  • Evolve 1 changed to singularity duration bonus (used to be a hold duration bonus and number of charges increase)
  • Evolve 5 changed to damage over time bonus (used to be a radius increase mechanic)
  • Evolve 6 now detonates biotic combos when the singularity explodes
So they've made singularity much more potent, and possibly made the human adept a viable class again. Since it doesn't specify if this is for SP or MP only, I'll assume it'll be for both.

A few other things caught my eye like Geth Pyros becoming immune to grabbing and "Fixed pathing for Banshees so they don't get stuck in a teleport routine". Sounds like credit farmers won't be able to crouch behind that little corner of Firebase White anymore. Bout time too!

Oh and this struck me as odd: -
- Concussive Shot changes:
  • Evolution 3 damage and force bonus now applies to frozen and chilled targets
  • Evolution 5 changed to increase damage by 50% and radius by 1 meter (used to take on the properties of your ammo power, but this did not work)
  • Evolution 6 damage bonus to organics increased from 100% to 200% over 10 seconds
Maybe this is just for MP as I'm sure that worked for my main soldier Shep. Indeed, it was the only reason I ever used that power!
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